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Little Town Daycare is fully licensed by the Ministry of Education and governed by Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014(CCEYA). We strive to bring your child a fun-filled learning experience by  providing unique early year activities and exercises that combine play and learning.


Little town Daycare is dedicated to support and nurture the creative, emotional, intellectual, physical, social, and academic development of young children and to strengthen children's ability in the following aspects:

  • Empowering children to believe in their abilities.

  • Promoting children's emotional quotient: self-awareness, self-motivation, empathy and social skills.

  • Providing positive reinforcement to build self-confidence and independence.

  • Providing learning at an early age to build a strong foundation for school.

  • Providing and maintaining a healthy learning environment.

  • Increasing the child's knowledge of the world.

We're proud to announce that we have a newly renovated daycare center that includes an indoor gym, outdoor play area, and a reading center for kids! 

Indoor Gym

We have a fully functional indoor gym to create a safe and nurturing environment for your children to play and explore all year round!


Our library ensures that your children will immerse themselves in the wonderful world of books and reading!

Toddler Program

18 months to 30 months old

Our toddler program provides the nurturing, healthy bond and individual attention your toddler needs. As this is a time for transition and development of independent skills,  we provide a safe environment for you child to learn and explore through play in order for them to learn self-help skills.

Our program is designed to guide children as they develop a greater sense of curiosity and understanding. Your child gets introduced to the basic elements of early learning such as visual recognition of letters, numbers, colors, shapes, patterns, songs, and problem-solving in a healthy social & emotional environment all while building self-awareness and confidence.

To learn more about your child's everyday, download our curriculum and nutrition menu below.

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In our daycare, the children's daily activities will allow them the opportunities to make decisions for themselves and to develop autonomy. Your child will have many choices throughout the day which will allow them to practice their skill of responsibility and independence.

Our environment is designed for your child to explore, to socialize, to learn self-direction, to develop relationships with peers, and to become an independent little thinker​.

In Little Town Daycare, we believe in the partnership between the home and our daycare. We understand that you want to remain connected with your little ones even though you're away. Through our innovative app, you can remain updated and connected with your child's progress throughout the day. Ask our teachers about it to learn more!


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Preschool Program

30 months to 4 years old

Our Preschool program builds on the knowledge your child has learned within our toddler  program to develop their skills and be well prepared for kindergarten.

In the preschool program, your child will find a rich environment of different learning materials that help foster their love for learning through play. By offering fun and different activities each day, your child will learn the basics of math, science, geography, writing, and art. Through individual and group projects, your child will learn independence, good manners, proper social interaction, and how to work with others. 

To learn more about your child's everyday, download our curriculum and nutrition menu below.

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