Little Town

Little Town Daycare is fully licensed by the Ministry of Education and governed by Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014(CCEYA). We strive to bring your child a fun-filled learning experience by  providing unique early year activities and exercises that combine play and learning.

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$63.00 per day
( 30 months to 4 years)

In our Preschool program each child will experience two hours of outdoor play (weather permitting) daily, indoor activities as well as a time to rest and sleep, quiet and active times; always being mindful of each child’s needs and parental direction.


Each child will be provided with opportunities to learn and play in self-chosen activities, using materials and experiences that encourage exploring, experiencing, questioning and problem solving. Materials are placed at children’s level to allow free choice and children are encouraged to be self-reliant in routines such as dressing, toileting, washing, eating and cleaning. Educators will support and work collaboratively to ensure that children feel safe, secure and healthy.


In addition, our Educators are trained in facilitating and expanding the individual child’s interest with materials and activities, creating an environment that is appropriate for his/her developmental needs and levels. These factors ensure the growth of each child physically, cognitively, socially, emotionally and creatively.


Educators will post a weekly plan that contains observations, plans and documentation to support the children’s learning. The Educators will observe the children and use that information to plan and create a positive learning environment that is based on the interests of the child, and supported by all the adults in the program.

Educators will reflect on “How Does Learning Happen?”, by reviewing their observations and engaging children in meaningful activities, by maintaining communication with parents and building trusting relationships with the families, by working with their co-workers to create a safe and healthy environment and by taking the time to engage in self-reflection in a regular basis.


In our full day  Preschool Program, individual child’s learning is documented in a portfolio that shows the child’s development through play based learning opportunities. We are currently introducing different methods to share the information with families on a regular basis.